Burnout, symbolisch dargestellt
Smiling faces. Happy group of multiethnic people men and women
Fearless businessman overcoming difficulty. Mixed media . Mixed media


that is how I work with leaders, managers and employees. I adapt myself, my style and my methods to the coachee. not the other way around.

for coachees and their roles as

human being
strenghtening efficacy ° reflection & resilience ° personal development ° self-management ° burn-out-prevention

management style & leadership ° how to deal with challenging employees/colleagues/bosses ° handling the sandwich-position between employees and top management ° limited resources ° how to lead in the vuca world ° responsible leadership

being a multiplier in the change process ° motivating, supporting, challenging ° resistance as a resource

decision maker
A or B? rational or intuitive? maybe even C?